Sunday, November 14, 2004

A Kynd Introduction

I am a 21st century hippie. I am a liberal. I am a progressive. And I am NOT going away.

I was born too late to be a hippie in the 60's. I was only 7 at the end of the Viet Nam war however I share some sort of brain collective with those flower children that came before me. What does it mean to be a 21st century hippie. I share the same goals, heart and soul, as my brothers and sisters in the 60's did. I want, no I DEMAND, the following things:

I demand peace, an end to the occupation of sovereign countries by disingenuous governments and regimes who by way of self serving megalomaniacal designs on democracy are raping sovereign nations of their only resources and livelihoods. I did not specifically say the US or Bush, because I also demand Tony Blair et al stop their maiming and killing too.

I demand a higher consciousness toward this planet and her limited and finite resources. Alternative energy sources are not something that can wait one second longer on this planet. I find it disgusting that my country uses 25% of the oil on earth when our population pales in comparison.

I demand the truth from my elected officials in all matters. You work for ME, I do not and will not bow to you. I demand to know the truth and I will settle for nothing less. I will fight you every step of the way to keep you honest, on the local, state and national levels. I will be the finger nails on the chalkboard grating on your conscience with every lie you tell me and our people.

I demand the constitution of this country be upheld in the highest most honorable traditions and that no frivolous, self-serving and discriminatory amendments to our it be passed. I will fight with every ounce of my energy to protect the Constitution of the United States in the spirit of my forefathers and mothers intended it to be. This document shall not now nor ever be a tool for discrimination of any person or group in this country, ever again.

I demand fair elections in this country. Never again will our democratic process be outsourced to the highest bidder, private corporations or partisan groups with selfish gain shining in their lying eyes. I demand that election reform take place, now, not 4 years from now and I will fight everyday until this is accomplished. This country has NO RIGHT to force our democracy on ancient peoples when we cannot even get it right here. This is unacceptable.

I demand an end to discrimination in this country. It is unacceptable that a people of wisdom and might, have no tolerance toward the rest of the people on this earth. I demand an end to laws that keep people from their vast potential. I demand that as a woman I am paid exactly what a man with my education and experience would be paid. I demand an end to laws that keep Native Americans poor and in the debt of the very people who stole their homes and land. I demand freedom of choice in all things for all Americans, including abortion rights and my right to sleep with and love whomever I should choose. I demand the United States Government stay out of my bedroom.

I demand healthcare reform in this country. It is unconscionable that 49 million Americans go without healthcare in a free and modern society. I demand that healthcare be a right and not a privilege in this nation. American's live in pain and suffering everyday, not because of the lack of science, because of the lack of money. This is unthinkable. I demand an end to the pharmaceutical lobby in Washington. Big pharm has no right to make laws that are so self-serving and so greedy that they are killing American's on a daily basis. I demand an end to television and radio advertising of prescription drugs, I am not a doctor and I will NOT tell my doctor what to prescribe, that is their job.

I am a 21st century hippie. I am a liberal. I am a progressive. And I am NOT going away.

Thank you and nice to meet you all,


At 11/18/2004 1:28 PM , Blogger there_it_is said...

Your demands that once flew the flag of 'Old Glory' and I too want that back. Even in a not so perfect world, it sure the hell was much more than this people's short changed current regime. Your demands are all made up of honest requests for common good of man, and not of big money corruption that fuels this 'out of control' govt now locked in high regards by many religous communities.

I experienced the Vietnam war era that you was spawned from. We both share the disgust in how lies drives worthless wars that continues without sincere conscience by the majority of governing bodies, while we simply become their private cannon fouder used against much of the innocent population that becomes casualties of war scrambled statistics as more profits jumps from our pockets into theirs.

I wish not to stand alone in a world gone so wrong, led by money rich necons operating off of so many simple minds who only follows plastic promises. I seek and reach for those who hold 'not so perfect' but honest ideas and goals to possibly better our nation little by little with a great sense of unity.

I am independent yet progressive to the touch who supports common sense and peace to those who deserves and respects what it's meant for.


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