Sunday, November 21, 2004

Some Kynd Poetry

I wrote this a few months ago... I keep updating that last line....

Victim of Shock and Awe
Lisa '04

Shock and awe,
the nation raw.
Our president mistrusted,
our people disgusted.
How many bloody bodies are enough?

Temper's flaring,
warnings blaring.
Our leader misguided,
My country subdivided,
How much oil is enough?

An unelected president,
and his trillion dollar deficit.
My America distrusted,
the world is disgusted.
How much time is left?

Before we stand and realize,
We can no longer idealize.
This corporate cancer,
it's not the answer.
How much greed is enough?

Fear won't control us,
Lies don't console us.
I believe in this democracy,
not your hipocracy.


I thought my vote would count!


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