Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So long Talon News - As of Midnight tonight, there is nothing!

Pats on the back and Kudos to the bloggers and the new media.... As of Midnight tonight, Talon News is nothing but a groveling homepage asking for forgiveness for Jeff Gannon. Keep digging, bloggers! It's working.

Check it out. No news archives, no articles, no "news organization".

Do you think they are scared? OH I do.

Why would a legit news agency suddenly password their entire archive? Are you hiding something perhaps?

Here is the grovel in case they delete it:

Statement concerning former Washington, DC correspondent Jeff Gannon

Talon News Washington, DC reporter and White House Correspondent Jeff Gannon submitted his resignation from our organization effective February 8, 2005.

I understand and support Jeff's decision, and have accepted the resignation.

We are currently evaluating candidates to fill this critical assignment, and anticipate minimal interruption of Talon's coverage of our nation's capitol and the White House in the meantime.

-- Robert R. Eberle, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief, Talon News


At 2/23/2005 6:42 PM , Blogger brandong said...

AWWWWWWWW! Poorrrrr right wing baaaaa-beeees! I know I'll be crying into my cup of coffee all night about THAT departure!

Seriously though, what no one seems to want to talk about here is that Bush Inc has budgeted $80 million dollars to payoff journalists and pundits to give them favorable coverage. I think a good name for this scandal would be PAYOLA GATE. Since when is it the government's job to use tax payer dollars to directly buy off media? This may or may not be legal but it is CERTAINLY unethical to do so in such a clandestine manner. The scandal over Guckert was wild, and God knows I had some fun with it, but the seriousness of this scandal needs to be exposed. This administration really is tryiong to BUY public opinion and our right wing media are rolling over and playing dead.

Kudos to people like tyou who are willing to stand up to this kind of tyranny.

Brandon Geraghty

At 2/25/2005 2:42 PM , Blogger halcyon67 said...

Brandong I love the stressing on the syllables of the word, baby. Hell, they don't care, there are 500,000 more of those where that (Talon) news came from.

At 2/26/2005 10:41 AM , Blogger chrisbilal said...

It is very mysterious that all of Gannon's net presence is slowly fading out day by day. Password protected sites, error pages, empty archives. It is oh so mysterious.

At 2/28/2005 5:44 PM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

You people kill me, so Gannon got one of the many spots the NY Times used to have when Clinton was president and you think you have some major Republican faux pas...woo freaking hoo


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