Monday, March 07, 2005

Blessed are the Idiots - Another egregious crime hidden by incompetence

"It can't be just said that it was just an accident.
We can't accept this, it is not possible." - Giuliana Sgrena.

400 rounds of American ammo pumped into her car as she neared the airport in Baghdad...there were no check points, there was no "speeding car". Sgrena and her Italian guards seem to have been the targets of an assassination attempt. But as usual, it's being clouded under the smokescreen of utter incompetence - something we've come to expect from the Bush crime family. Create a dastardly situation, perpetrate a crime and cry stupidity and blame it on the kids in Iraq.

What did Giulana Sgrena know, and will she still print it? I hope this is a wake up call to our allies. You aren't really allies if you dare to cross the Bush regime. It's open season on honest journalists. I hope the Italians are outraged. I hope the Italian president doesn't let this go and I hope Sgrena publishes her story about the US using Napalm on women and children in Iraq.

The official line says that Sgrena's car ran a checkpoint at high speed. But "it wasn't a checkpoint," says Sgrena, and they weren't shot by sentries. It was "a patrol that started shooting after pointing some lights in our direction...we didn't understand where the shots came from.'' The car was only 700 metres from the airport, "which means that they had passed all checkpoints," adds Scolari.

Another US gaff? Or a hit. This story is just heating up.

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At 3/07/2005 7:28 AM , Blogger KyndCulture said...

My truth (La mia verità)by Giuliana Sgrena - Her story in her own words.

She was warned by the Iraqi's not to alert the American's of her release because they would "intervene".


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