Monday, March 07, 2005

High School Hero of the Week -Josh Madewell

10 thumbs way up for this kid. Future progressive voter to be sure!

Condom Toss Gets Student Tossed Out Of School
John Madewell
A prank pulled by a Red Bank High senior has resulted in a ten day suspension from school.
Josh Eustice says he was trying to educate his classmates about having safe sex.
But his actions angered school officials.
The senior was modeling tuxedos for Red Bank's upcoming prom.
As he walked off stage at the packed gym assembly last Friday, he tossed out condoms to his classmates.
He was in trouble before he got off the stage.

Eustice treads lightly at home and in school this afternoon.
His dad gave him a long list of house cleaning chores after the Red Bank senior tossed about 30 condoms to his classmates last Friday.
And his assistant principal suspended him for ten days.
That makes Josh bristle.
Eustice said, "I don't agree with the ten days at all. I mean I didn't throw out anything illegal that was hazardous like cigarettes or anything. People have done much worse things and got suspended for much less days."

The senior says the prom fair in a packed gym seemed the appropriate stage.
He adds he threw out the single condoms to protect his classmates after Red Bank's prom.
"I did it more or less for a reminder so people would think about stuff like that. STD's and pregnancies and stuff like that it happens all the time."

Josh admits he didn't mind the attention, but the school wishes it would go away.
Principal Wade Kelly said this was an internal discipline issue, stood behind the harsh punishment and says he's frustated to be second guessed.

Kelly says he stands behinds the harsh punishment.
Students reacted to it. One freshman said the punishment was more than it needed to be. Eustice's friend and fellow senior Andrew Williard said, "I don't think he should've got suspended because he was just trying to promote safe sex and it's going to happen either way."

When asked if he regretted his action, Eustice said, "No I don't, not one bit."

Eustice's father told NewsChannel 9 the prank was stupid, but the punishment too severe.
He wants a reduction in the suspension time.
The senior can take his finals, but believes the extended absence will plummet his grades.
The assistant principal who suspended Eustice says he used his own discretion because the policy manual doesn't cover this type of offense.


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