Thursday, March 24, 2005

Judges & Schiavo

In response to Keith Olbermann’s blog I sent this letter to Mr Olbermann:

I just wanted to say thank you for your compassionate broadcast on Terri Shiavo. This situation must be hell for both sides of the family and it’s appalling that Tom Delay is using these people as political pawns. You seem to be the only TV news caster that is reporting this story fairly. It would be interesting to see you expose this a little more. After all, this is a right wing attack on the judicial branch. Isn’t that what this is really about?

Let’s recap: Democrats have blocked 20 ultra conservative judges. So if the conservatives attack the “liberal activist judges” then they can get more support from the people to push through “conservative activist judges”. From the right wing point of view Terri Schiavo is the perfect pawn to “prove” how liberal judges are destroying the country.

The next chapter of this story will begin with Tom Delay blaming “activist judges” for killing Terri Schiavo and will conclude with the Republicans trying to pack the court with radical right wing judges like Anton Scalia, who said “that government derives its authority from God”. So he believes in the Divine Right of Kings then?

See: Liberal Activist Judges Must be Stopped!!


At 3/25/2005 6:04 AM , Blogger halcyon67 said...

Hey I would not be surprised if DeLay did this. More and more attention is being drawn to his unethical practices (a.k.a a figment of the liberal media). He needs something to use against liberals when they indict him, and T. Schiavo is the perfect opportunity.

There is nothing more moral than exploiting someone's death to use in your campaign. Ask Bush, he is the master of that. He used 9/11, and the casualties in Iraq (Iraqi Civilians and US troops) to use in his campaign. How disgraceful.

Also, if DeLay listens to Coulter, he would have killed or phsyically intimidated a liberal activist judge. Wait, that would never happen. Does the name Judge Lefkow mean anything to anyone?

At 3/25/2005 7:57 AM , Blogger Christopher Gee said...

Right on the mark, Amy! These fundamentalists and zealots could care less about Terri, her family or her wishes. It's so clear that she has become the latest mascot to their cause.

No less a symbol than the image of a gay Spongebob. My heart goes out to Terri's entire family. Regardless of how one feels, it's got to be a tough situation for all. Terri's wishes will ultimately be honored and she will be allowed to move on. Unfortunately this latest usurping of individual liberties by the ultra right wing will likely not be the last step.

What next?

At 3/25/2005 2:14 PM , Blogger Amy said...

Hey I know you. Thanks for stopping by Chris.

The irony is the judge they're all attacking in the media is actually a conservative republican.


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