Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This country is obsessing over death.

So has anyone else noticed this extremely disturbing thing going on right now. I can feel it in the air. This country is obsessing over death. I hobbled into the living room to get my juice a few minutes ago and the TV is on ABC, I hear the announcers say "we are continuing our death watch in pinellas park, florida"...

Terri Schiavo - the circus "death watch" in Florida. Now they are calling it what it is, a death watch. Can you just imagine the number of people who turn to CNN or Fox during the day "just to see if she's still alive". You KNOW they are doing it.

So now we've got Jerry Falwell in critical condition, people are obsessing over praying for him or tearing him up for the crazy hatefilled life he led.. but ultimately they are waiting to see if he dies. A Death Watch.

The Pope, this "death watch" has been going on for weeks. He's in the hospital, he's outta the hospital, he's got a trach, he's got an NG tube in his nose, he can't speak... but it boils down to the same thing... people are waiting and watching to see if he dies.

Personally I am SICK of all this death watching. It's a disgusting spectator sport. I can't tell you how dispicable the "death watches" are...

SO. today I am going to celebrate LIVING. I ask you all to join me and stop this death watch bullshit. At least for us anyway, we can't control the rest of these morbid freaks.

Go pet a kitten, play with a puppy, pick a flower, sit on the porch and listen to the birds returning for spring, write a poem, draw a picture, kiss your partner on the forehead, tickle your kids til they spit.... anything... but sit around thinking about death...


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