Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Case for a Liberal's Militia

This being my first post I thought it necessary to address a grave concern facing all Americans today. The constant intimidation of voters by the Bush Regime and the possibility of the Christian-republican violation of American's constitutional rights during the election of 2004 elicits the need for free-thinking liberals to defend themselves from these religious fascists.
The article was written in 1995 and describes very accurately what is happening in our country today.
We only need to watch this regime in action to see that many of the activities of Hitler and the Nazis are being played out in America today. Pledging your support by signing Oaths to gain access to political rallies, unfettered abuse of the civil and human rights around the world and the blatant abuse of Constitutional rights has made it necessary for liberals to explore the option of arming themselves and forming a militia outlined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.
I have decided to enter the world of blogging after trolling many right-wing blogs and trying to debate them. I found that debate in the conservative right-wing world is not possible. I don't feel these people are educated enough on any issue, in order, to carry on any kind of an intellectual debate or discussion. They are the masters of the copy and paste function on the computer which, abducts any form of knowledge that could be gained by researching a specific topic. I assume, then, that they are lazy and, it would seem, that they are content in allowing others to do their thinking.
The Republican National Convention, held in New York City, was a dog and pony show that never once addressed the issues that concern Americans the most. Instead, liberal journalists, protesters and innocent bystanders became prey to the right-wing intimidation and illegal violations of the most basic civil rights. Speakers at this charade spoke more of Senator John Kerry than they did of pertinent issues. The fact that issues were not addressed is due to the complete failure of this appointed regime. Public outrage was enormous and is something that was not seen at the Democratic National Convention. While the speakers performed their skits to the delegates, cameras panning the audience showed people void of emotion, like zombies or thorazine addicted schizophrenics, awaiting their next command. During the speech by the appointed chimp, Bush, there was visibly no emotion or enthusiasm by more than half of the audience.
Our country is under attack by religious fundamentalists that claim Divine intervention to problem solving. There is absolutely no place in our government for religion or people's belief in a god. I, personally, want religion out of my government and will resist the deletion of the separation of church and State.
We have work to do...not just until November 2 but, long afterwards to insure that the foundations of this country are not torn down, rights are not violated and human rights become more of a focus in the world. Progression and the right-wing ARE opposing values. Spread the word.


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