Thursday, November 25, 2004

Condition Cold War: Ukraine

We now have a rigged election, it seems, in Ukraine. The Putin backed candidate and the Kremlin seem to be playing the same fraud on their voters as the Bush Terror Regime has seemingly, and with growing evidence, done in America.
The European Union is calling for investigations and, in a show of complete hypocrisy, the American terrorists are warning Ukraine of inconsistencies that may have resulted in fraud will not be tolerated.
Is this unbelieveable or what?
Putin has informed the appointed idiot to keep his nose out of it because, he has no room to talk. This is placing cold war era tensions on the US/Russian relationship to the cost of millions of voters who have been ignored in both the US and Ukraine.
Viktor Yushchenko, the challenger of the government-backed incumbent, Viktor Yanukovych, offers reforms and the end of corruption that will provide for a more prosperous Ukranian society, similar to what we Americans wanted on November 2. But, the ruling elite and corrupt conservative criminals refuse to abide by the laws of the countries they represent.
But, the Ukranians are getting it right. They have held around the clock demonstrations that have shown a growing concern over fraud. Police and military blockades are losing strength because members of these security teams are being mutinous and joining with the victims of the rigged elections. I believe we could see that in America on January 20 when Washington D.C is brought to a virtual halt because of the protestors arriving en masse'.
Some cities in the Ukraine already view Mr. Yushchenko as their President and have vowed to follow only his orders.
Hryhoriy Surkis, a Ukrainian legislator, has been denied a visa to the US because he comes from a country with suspected fraudulent elections. This is a prime example of the hypocrisy of the scum in America. When the coward of Crawdad leaves the US, we should not allow his re-entry and send him to Ottawa, Canada where he is being indicted on terrorist charges.
We Americans should show support and follow the example of the Ukranians in taking back our country from a group of illegitimate criminals...and by whatever force is necessary. January 20 is approaching and we have much to do.

Join the protest in Washington D.C on January 20. Let's shut the town down!!!


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