Monday, November 01, 2004

Scum to Monitor Chat Rooms

Knowing how demented and psychotic the scum are, only the porn rooms will probably be monitored. Any room with intelligent conversation will be avoided.

TROY, N.Y. (AP) -- Amid the torrent of jabber in Internet chat rooms - flirting by QTpie and BoogieBoy, arguments about politics and horror flicks - are terrorists plotting their next move?
The government certainly isn't discounting the possibility. It's taking the idea seriously enough to fund a yearlong study on chat room surveillance under an anti-terrorism program. More here>>>>

Damn, these idiots can't even catch Osama bin Laden!!!


At 11/02/2004 1:01 PM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

Jeez Lib, I hope your not calling our troops idiots...

At 11/03/2004 8:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just imagine for a moment that you are trying to recruit more of Americas youth into the armed services.

So you go out and spend a few millions making a game that simulates our armies tactics and training missions.

Then you freely distribute it nationwide to anyone wanting one. Heck they even made it downloadable from their web site.

Name the game "America's Army". And see how many terrorist end up using the game as a training ground to circumvent our tactics and find weaknesses in our tactics.


At 11/04/2004 8:19 AM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

Kinda quiet around here...

At 11/04/2004 2:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Was that a tumbleweed blowing by?*

At 11/05/2004 7:50 AM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

Long live W!!


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