Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Regression: The Republican Mandate

The new Colorado State legislature is set to hammer out Colorado's economic problems; a Democratic legislature that was called in by voters to fix the republican mess that took 40 years to achieve. Already, the republicans are defining their ignorance and partisanship as a payback for being the losers of the 2004 elections.

The Democrats budget is being endorsed by 2 republicans but, the Governor is questioning whether or not it limits government growth. Government growth limits? Come on Mr. Bill, you are the lamest duck in the country and you want to question solutions to your catastrophic economy? By the way Mr. Bill, how are the families??

The republicans also introduced a gun show loophole bill. I am against any action to undermine the Second Amendment but, this bill will, hopefully, be laughed out of the legislature. The bill does fall into the violence that is so adored by the republican party.

With all the economic problems and the liars in the Bush regime who spew these lies we have another diversion from, I am ashamed to say, Colorado Senator Wayne Allard: The Federal Marriage Amendment(FMA). Again, violence, hate and discrimination are values close to the republican heart. They thrive on it, they nurture it and they grow it. How long before they blatantly endorse racism? Oh wait...they have already started!! But in their traditional hypocritical manner the republicans use the fight over Condoleeza Rice as a way to shift the race card to the Democrats. Nice try, but it won't work.

How do we define the regressive agenda of the republicans and neo-conservatives to the brain-dead Americans who follow these liars? Do we have to wait until we enter a full blown depression? This war on America by these regressives is no longer a social or fiscal issue; it is a survival issue. By survival I mean the survival of America and the restoration of Democracy. Keeping the resistance and pressure alive is having some effect but, not on the isolated chickens hawks who demand a signed oath, in order, to voice an opinion.

Our country is being defined and disgraced by the right-wing and, we have to stop it.


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