Monday, April 04, 2005

The Fools Play

The last couple of weeks have been crazy....crazy in the way that we all got a first hand look at the tactics of the criminals in the republican party.

First, we almost got to see a showdown between local and State police in Florida. The Governor, Jebbie Bush, called out his forces to intervene in the family matter of Terri Schiavo. The local police basically said, "we dare you" to the State police. Jebbie's forces stood down. The criminal scum in Washington including Jebbies bro, the chimpman, got involved. The reasons they got involved are all to clear to those who are save another criminal conspirator: Tom Delay.

A new trend started over the Schiavo case: Video diagnosis of disease. Yep, the Senate Majority leader, a quack named Bill Frist is going to start the trend of diagnosing disease and other medical conditions by viewing videotape. Idiots like Frist need a safe place to do their work and, what a better place than in an easy chair from some home office. He won't have to worry about protesters or other patriotic people who view his existence as a threat to American society. His anti-American stance via the destruction of Senate rules and fair rules of engagement make his existence less than microbial life in a cesspool.

Back to Delay. Now, here is the filthiest of all scum, next to george bush. This idiot references religious rhetoric that is less than believable, at least, to those who have a free mind. According to Delay, some god delivers people in vegetative states to him so that, the republican party can do their ritualistic dances and propagandized orgies over the unfortunate victims hollowed shells. The question that should be asked is whether or not these rituals are just merely practice for child molestation parties or do they have some other important function?

The spin from the righties now is 'activist' judges. Note the term activist. The judge that ruled in the Schiavo case is a hard-line conservative and that really pisses the pigs off. They can't drum on the 'liberal' mantra now. Funny when the ideas they embrace backfire on them. It's good for them, though. Maybe they will get the hint that conservativism is a failure and has been for centuries but, I doubt it. Put all their brains together and they still can't muster up enough air for a good fart.

Now, that's conservativism.


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