Saturday, October 01, 2005

More Hypocrisy from the Scum

I'm still here!! Work requires more than eight hours a day...driving into Denver is never fun.

I was notified about this little issue in an email. Seems that the scum only apply the rules to the rest of us but, they are exempt. defines the scum to a tee.

For Release
September 30, 2005

Contact: Laurie Beacham, 212/267-2801


The Center for Justice & Democracy (CJ&D) today called the Bush Administration “the worst kind of hypocrite” for, on the one hand, denouncing injured consumers who file lawsuits, while at the same time filing its own case for civil damages against a manufacturer whose defective product endangered the President.

It was revealed this week that the secret service purchased for use by high level officials, including President and Laura Bush, defective bullet-proof vests from a company called Second Chance Body Armor. In July, the Department of Justice filed a civil case to collect compensation against the manufacturer and the maker of the defective fiber used in the vest.

Article here>>>

Had the vest been utilized and failed...there would have been no loss.


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