Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bush, Congress Consider “Free” Trade Pact With North Korea

Why aren't Americans howling about this? Could it be that those who are uninformed are satisfied with their Faux News?? Check this out on the SirotaBlog or over at Working for Change.

Here is a lttle tidbit from the article:

Geopolitically, this is like the Dubai Ports controversy on steroids. During that controversy, the Bush administration ignored its own military officials’ warnings and tried to allow a foreign government to purchase our critical infrastructure – effectively going on record as saying our international trade policy prioritizes profits over national security. Now, we have a U.S. administration publicly considering economically rewarding a country that is test firing missiles, developing nuclear weapons, and threatening our allies - rewarding this global threat with a trade pact that validates that aggressor’s enslavement of its population.

I cannot, in my wildest dreams, figure out how anyone could be ignorant enough to support this government.


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