Thursday, September 30, 2004

President Kerry!!!

The first debate tonite gave us a glimpse at what a horrible and assinine person the village idiot is. He looked sleazy, couldn't form a coherent sentence and repeated the same line of bullshit over and over.
What a disgrace the idiot and his supporters have been to this great country.
Indict, prosecute and convict are in the near future for the Bush Crime Family. And we the progressive, liberal Democrats must see that it happens.


At 10/01/2004 1:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we not try and ignore his strategic and polite use of the word "Miscalcualtion" instead of admitting he made mistakes?

I'm expecting and working to get every blog in America to have the word miscalculation somewhere in it's form by tommorow.


At 10/02/2004 3:34 PM , Blogger Justin said...

Bush was unbelievablely bad Thursday. I was really really surprised. I thought he would have sone better after 4 years of experience, but holy crap. All I heard from him was "Kerry changes positions," and "America and the world are safer." Urgh. It was painful to listen to that crap for an hour and a half. But Kerry's domination of him by far made up for it.


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