Sunday, September 26, 2004

UN General Assembly Shuns Bush Rhetoric

The giggling idiot gave a white-washed speech to the UN General Assembly and got a lot of deafening silence for his effort. And effort it was.
If you listened to the drivel by this moronic and idiotic fool, you could tell that his prepared statement had notations that read, " pause for applause". All the coward from Crawdad received was a cough or two.
Reporters and spokesmen from around the world are not fooled by this idiot's charade like, the sheeple of America who have no ability to research and think for themselves.
This was a great day for freedom loving Americans. The world shuns this idiotic symbol of freedom and, portrays him as he is, a simpleton without a clue, a rich kid with a drug and alcohol fried brain led around by a nose ring and attached to strings to carry out the wishes of the New American Century, and a war-mongering coward from the backwoods of the Texas wasteland.


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