Sunday, October 17, 2004

One of Millions

Disillusioned, disenfranched and disenchanted and the "wanna be band"

By Sharon Silvas

Okay, I will tell you my dirty little secret. I don't vote. It's kind of like saying, "I'm an atheist." To which the few people I tell say, "Oh, no, you really aren't." Excuse me? I am what I am what I am and I am always frustrated with the folks who think I'm "too nice" or "too _______ (fill in the blank) to live up to their expectations.

I don’t rant and rave about things so very personal. Politics, sexual preference, religion, I feel these are all very, very personal agendas that need not always be hanging out like the laundry, for all to see. Unless the freedom to have these agendas are hanging in the balance.

And these days, the dirty laundry of our political system is hanging out for all to see. So I feel it is critical to take a public stance. I just sent in my voter registration form. I haven't voted since Mayor Federico Peña's first election. I have been disillusioned, feel disenfranchised and have been greatly disenchanted by the stupid, self-serving white males who have "led" our country in the past few decades. Before that, I'm not sure if any of them were good, either - but I was too young to feel it personally. More>>


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