Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A Funny Thing I Saw in Blogosphere!!

I was surfing blogosphere today and I came upon some college girl's blog, of which, I won't mention the name because, I don't promote republiscum drivel.
Anyway, down in the right-hand corner is a notation, 'My heroes have always been cowboys.' I laughed my ass off when the two pictures were of the coward of Crawdad and the gipper (the gipper is good republiscum, now.)
What this girl doesn't, evidently, know is that the coward has a mortal fear of horses. And where I come from, you can't cowboy without a horse.
It must be that religious thing that makes her blind....?


At 10/13/2004 8:33 AM , Blogger Justin said...

Wait... he seriously does? That's hilarious. I thought Will Ferell was making that crap up! Oh... that's amazing. BTW, religion makes a lot of people blind. Fools!


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