Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Anti-Social Security

Anyone with a reasonable and logical minds knows that, the scum have been trying to get rid of Social Security for over 40 years. This is probably due to the fact that it wasn't their idea in the first place and they have remained jealous and spurned ever since.
Their leader, Bushitler, is spinning his plans in many different ways but, not one of them hold water. Most lies by people with his lying record don't hold much water anyway.
If the scum privitize Social Security then, will I have the option of getting a return on my 30 years of withholdings?? Oh, and I want interest, too.

"The battle for Social Security's survival is under way. In a key maneuver recently, N. Gregory Mankiw, George W. Bush's chief economic adviser, explicitly floated the idea of cutting benefits, a necessary but unmentioned part of the White House's privatization plan. More details will be presented to the public in the weeks ahead, but the outlines of the Bush plan are already clear, having been laid out by his 2001 Social Security Commission. As Mankiw suggested, the Bush plan would require a large reduction in the benefits provided by the existing system. A worker who is 20 today would see a cut of approximately one-third in his or her retirement benefit, although workers would theoretically more than recoup this loss by investing a portion of their Social Security taxes in a private account." More>>>


At 12/22/2004 1:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking towards those countries that have already traveled the path of a privatized social security reveals that most workers would get less not more. That many would need the help of the government as they lost their money rather than made more investing, that up to 20 percent would most likely go to investment firms overseeing new accounts.

It would seem Chile and Britain have already tried the system being suggested, and well to be honest it didn't work so well. But they really aren't interested in saving money or helping American workers. What they are interested in is cruxing up business in America for a few more years before the hard times happen. Seems no one in Washington wants to be the one to tell America how it really is, and how hard times are going to get before things get better.



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