Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Why the Fight Over Minimum Wage?

Business interests will always portray a doomsday scenario when the question of minimum wage comes up. An increase of one dollar per hour is enough to put them out of business is their argument. You know what I say?? "Bullshit!!"
If a company cannot increase their Federal minimum wage by one dollar per hour then, they need to close shop anyway. You cannot run a business where your capital is limited in the range of $40/week. Only a fool would believe this, anyway.
The minimum wage, $5.15/hour, is a disgrace to anyone who attempts to survive in the current, regressive republican economy. As usual, recession, inflation and high unemployment are providing fewer good jobs for people and with the increase in prices to support corporate donors the republiscum will argue against any increase in the minimum wage.
My opinion is that the minimum wage should be equal to the current scale that determines poverty level, currently about $19,000/year. That would make the minimum wage about $10/hour. If right-wing corporate interests insist that the wage remain the same then, they should have to pay a health benefit plan to their employee's covering 100% of the costs of the premiums.
Something has got to give in this corrupt, anti-people, anti-worker government and it shouldn't be the backbone of the American worker.


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