Saturday, December 25, 2004

Liberal Minds Attacked By Conservobots

My college years were some of the greatest and most challenging times of my life. Thinking and using my mind was demanded of everyone of us on a daily basis. I always had a knack for problem solving and did well in math, physics and chemistry. The liberal minds that taught me demanded a 360 degree view on any subject put before me.

Today, academia has another problem. Liberal intellectuals are under attack by scum on the right. Claims as asinine as reading assignments that violate religious rights, discrimination and grading improprieties have been alleged. Lawsuits were filed and thrown out (I thought these ingrates didn't like lawyers), probably, by judges who got the same education that these conservobots wanted, by the same types of educators and realized that, the righties want the glory of a degree with out the challenging work.

In all the years I spent in college, I placed a great importance on the liberal minds. They challenged me in diversity. Their educational demands prompted a worldview and not, a one-sided look out of a closed box. It is disgraceful, to say the least, that the people of the right are so hard-pressed to go as far as to want the dumbing down of an entire nation, in order, for them to get a semblance of an education that the liberal mind has.

That is why you rarely, if ever, hear of a conservative intellectual.

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