Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Robbery By Bankruptcy

I've been a diligent member of the workforce for almost 30 years now. I never ever thought that, in America, the masses would allow a criminal and his gang of thieves to occupy the White House and blatantly screw the working people. Anyone who works for any company in America today is playing craps by paying into any pension/health plan.
Under the tyranny of the Bush Crime Family, corporations are beginning to get concessions from the Federal bankruptcy courts to use bankruptcy as a means of nullifying union contracts and robbing from the worker's by robbing them of their pension plans.
If you were to come into my house to rob and steal from me and my future I guarantee you this, you would be leaving in a body bag.
The reform of bankruptcy laws is a mandatory action that needs to be taken up by every working person in America.

"Why is it that when George W says he's going to "reform" something, I instinctively want to grab my money, my liberties, my family...and flee to the woods?

For the Bushites, the word reform means "deform," to monkeywrench the system so the rich get richer...and the rest of us get schtooked. Still, there's one system crying out for real reform: the bankruptcy process that corporations are using to stiff their employees - letting CEOs simply walk away from binding contracts on wages, health care, and pensions." More Here>>>>


At 12/22/2004 2:46 PM , Blogger Resist Oppression said...

Here is a link to the UMWA's Press Release about the Reform Bankruptcy Laws website.

At 12/22/2004 8:45 PM , Blogger wanda said...

If I get much more pissed at this 'gang' I'm going to have to find some way to relieve all this pent up stress. Somehow 'turning my back on bush' isn't quite making it these days.

At 12/24/2004 12:12 AM , Blogger hippyguy said...

yeah, those CEO's really want their corporations to go bankrupt so that they have an opportunity to screw over all the workers. hahahahahahaaaaa


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