Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Theology, politics, and thoughts on arguing with Dominionists.

This is an interesting article on the so-called christian right in America and it's plan for the world. They have bitten off a little more than they can chew but, being the sheeple they are, are to god-damned ignorant to see it.
You can look at blogs and websites of purported christians who, don't know a damn thing about christianity but, are being lead down the road to hell by the simple-minded coercive rants of people more ignorant and unintellectual than them.
When you hit them with fact, from bibles, dictionaries or encyclopedias, the denial is so ingrained in them it makes one wonder what purpose these people have in a society, other than, a tool for sane people to poke fun at.
The road and people they follow is, basically, a legal form of suicide supported by thier so-called religion. Ignorance among these people is over-whelming to the sane people, the very people they plan to exterminate.
Another amusing point is that, they had to target people with high ignorance and low intellect, i.e., the republicans. Enjoy!!

... The goal of the dominionist movement, as we demonstrate in this web site, is to impose its interpretation of the Bible on the rest of society. Twenty-five years ago it began targeting the Republican Party as the vehicle through which it could advance its agenda. The goal of political dominion is veiled in a cloak of "moral values." Let's look at some of those "moral values." More>>>


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