Thursday, January 27, 2005

Unions Sue Homeland Security for Workers Rights

Finally, we are beginning to see some action by organized labor in defending the rights of American workers. We know that the illegitimate regime that is squatting in Washington has no use for the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights but, we do know that the Supreme Court does in most cases (unless it has something to do with selecting a White House resident).

As Americans we have the right to freely join and endorse union representation without fear of retribution. But, the anti-union cult that has occupied our government immediately waged a war on workers after they attacked the World Trade Center(WTC)...oops, I meant the terrorist attack on the WTC. They made it their law that after the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) was formed that no union could be part of that department. They made many claims as to why it must be that way, most notably, that union bargaining would interfere with the operation of the DHS.

The reality is, is that this was one of the first of many attacks on organized labor by this criminal enterprise. The only difference is that, it did not involve the corporate pals of this gang, at least directly.

The Bush Crime Family is attempting to instill upon Americans who are employed by their regime a separate set of rules that circumvent the rule of America's democracy...a democracy that is almost deceased under this criminal enterprise, I might add. No one should have to give up their legal rights, in order, to feed, shelter or clothe their family. But, this is viewed as a hindrance by this criminal regime.

The lawsuit filed by the National Treasury Employees Union(NTEU) could set a precedent for another right-wing attack at the state level. Recently, the republican governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, canceled all bargaining contracts with 25,000 State workers under the guise that would hinder his budget overhaul. His republican overhaul will only mean higher taxes and more unemployed people....a typical republican economy. Even before Daniels attempts to overhaul the budget he has set it back, dollar wise, due to the legal expenses that he will utilize to defend his illegal order.

In Montana, the Democratic Governor, Brian Schweitzer, negotiated pay raises with 2 state unions, which ratified the contracts but, the republicans have stalled the enactment of the raises because they lost...they weren't involved. Now the state unions are threatening to strike for their raises due to the republican crybabies. These whiners on the right are essentially keeping working people from enjoying a better standard of living by stalling the workers' wage increases.

It is clear to see, for those who look, that the republican, right-wing or conservative has no interest in the backbone of America. The backbone that keeps America moving along...the American worker.


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