Monday, May 30, 2005

Drowning Out the Real Issues

By Terry M. Neal Staff Writer
Monday, May 23, 2005; 6:28 AM

A certain and clear pattern has emerged when a damaging accusation or claim against the Bush administration or the Republican-led Congress is publicized: Bush supporters laser in on a weakness, fallacy or inaccuracy in the story's sourcing while diverting all attention from the issue at hand to the source or the accuser in the story.

Often this tactic involves efforts to delegitimize the entire news media based on the mistakes or sloppy reporting of a few. We saw this with the discrediting of CBS's story on irregularities in President Bush's Texas Air National Guard service in the 1970s. Although the CBS "scoop" was based on faked documents, the administration's response and backlash from both conservative and mainstream media essentially relieved Bush of having to deal with the story. In other words, the allegedly "liberal" media dropped the story like a hot rock.

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A great article on how the fascists occupying our country have hijacked and dumbed down the media. Every point falls into the the definition of fascism and how Hitler and the Nazi's effectively took control of an entire population.

Be afraid.....and by more ammo.


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