Saturday, May 21, 2005

When Republicans Lose....They Whine, Bitch and Moan all the way to court.

In California, the governator is pissing and moaning about not being able to cap the state budget, bust unions and steal their pensions and shut down the voice of working people. So what does the dumb ass do??
He plans an election that will waste $80 million taxpayer dollars. Wouldn't that money be better spent improving the ailing economy, Gov. Dumbass??

Then in Washington State we have another worm named Rossi you lost the Gubenatorial election but, wants to have a special election to see if he can win. Another waste of taxpayer money by these ignorant republican scumbags.

Then, we have know her....that murdering bitch who lives with the squatter in the Whitehouse. She is touting the need for more influence from women in Middle Eastern politics. Isn't she on the side of that ingrate named Dr. Hager who is a bible-thumping conservobot who forcibly sodomized his narcoleptic wife against her consent??

Then we have the moron himself....little bushitler, telling graduates at Calvin College to give more to community service. What he is really doing is shilling for the corporations who want free and/or cheap labor.

I guess I don't get it....who in their right fucking mind can really, and I do mean REALLY buy into this bullshit?

They have to be some really, really stupid motherfuckers.


At 5/21/2005 9:43 PM , Blogger Zowanda Colleen said...

I have hope that America is finally waking up.

At 5/22/2005 1:45 PM , Blogger halcyon67 said...

Well Zowanda we all hope that, but sorry to be the pessimist here, but the thing is that although Americans are waking up or seem to be, they are not, they are going to be sucked in by the right by doing what the right does best: Calling Names and maligning the left. In the words of Howard Dean, they are "brain-dead."


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