Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Lies of Bush Begin to Surface

We don't need to wonder what an appointed head-of-state like Bush will do when a majority of a population asks him to represent a particular request. He has shown a history of contravention and, obeying a direct order from a superior officer would be no different.
The Bush Regime continues to place a dark patina on the colorful history of America. This illegitimate regime and the criminals in it's employ continue to cast a shadow on the strength of our democracy. The history of the Bush family calls into question if we must advocate another form of selection of our government's leaders. The Bush family has had a sordid past since the early 1900's and a family history of deceit and corruption that endures to this day.
We are now in a war that even Bush has said cannot be won, workers rights are deteriorating, health care is becoming obsolete and our job market is being sent to other countries.
If ever in the history of the United States, we the people needed a 'Boston Tea Party', it is now. This criminal regime and it's supporters must be held accountable to the highest degree.


At 9/10/2004 10:30 AM , Blogger Russ said...

Here Here! George Bush is not only a self-appointed head of state who has stolen a democratic election but he has also hijacked democracy to wage a war based on a personal vendetta which was being planned long before he ever stepped into the oval office!


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