Sunday, December 19, 2004

What (Good Things) Happened in Colorado?

Here in Colorado, we kicked the shit out of the republiscum on elections day. Their undoing was a deeply ingrained partisanship that, literally, ruined the Colorado economy and lost new business contracts.
The scum blatantly flaunted their majority and refused to address issues like TABOR, the state's economy, transportation and education. When the citizens of Colorado demanded action the scum would then blame the Democrats for stonewalling.
Well, scum, the people saw right through your scams and removed you from office.
People like Senate President John Andrews, a morally corrupt, low IQ social scumbag couldn't admit to the real problem. He blamed it on the party. Andrews is one of those guys you want to grab by the scruff of the neck and bitch-slap until his face is purple. On his website his true character is revealed in a statement when he touts a god-governed universe claiming that, mass randomness is a fallacy. And the scum wanted this fool as a leader? It goes to show you that education and diversity is not a value to the scum of the right rather, fictional morals and the easy way out are enough to suffice for these people, people who are too lazy to think.
Again, if you want to see what sort of fool Andrews and his ilk are, they have a that I will not link here because I don't want to dirty this blog with the filth of the right.

Alternet has a great article about the Colorado victory here>>>.


At 12/19/2004 9:52 PM , Blogger R said...

Now if we could just get Owens out of the govenors mansion. When When When When When this losers term up? I'm ready for a Hickenlooper Governership.Thanks for your comments on my blog. I've already borrowed your "hey someone put a bush sticker on your suv" line twice. It felt special. ;)

At 12/20/2004 12:05 AM , Blogger ProgressivePatriot said...

Hi Rhonda,
We are definitely getting rid of Owens in '06. Never has a duck been as lame as this one. He is merely a figurehead now as the new Democratic legislature digs in to fix the right-wingnut mess.
Glad to see a neighbor (sort of) on the blogs!! I linked you here, also!!

At 12/22/2004 9:40 PM , Blogger R said...

Well lets hope the first order of business is to tamp down on immigration and control sprawl. I'd be happy with just that. I'm linking to you too!

At 12/24/2004 12:09 AM , Blogger hippyguy said...

If you want to see a great example of Democrats building the economy, take a look at California

At 12/24/2004 1:51 AM , Blogger ProgressivePatriot said...

California was doing great until Pete Wilson was elected...ask a Californian.


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