Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Are Workers Going to Relive the Past?

Everyday in America, workers are losing benefits, pensions, rights and working conditions at the hands of the Bush regime-supported corporations. The attack on workers is beginning to pick up steam and, we as workers must enlist other valuable resources, such as, our own time and money to meet with any credible resistance.

Early in the labor struggles workers fought for such things as, independence from company housing and company stores and, for fair wages that were sometimes only $1 per day. Now, we are fighting to keep the benefits we have acquired over the last 125 years against a huge and powerful resistance from global corporations that are treated, as if, they are individuals by the money-grubbing, execrable elitists commonly found in the right-wing of American political structure.

Eventually, when the elite have created another feudal society, we will once again see a surge in union organization and the conflict that comes with the working class demanding a fair system. Like the Battle of Matewan, the deadliest gunfight in American history, workers will rise to the injustices brought about by corporate and political thugs but, with a more deadly outcome that comes with progression and technology.

The raping and pillaging of pension trust funds, healthcare benefits and working conditions by these global corporate montrosities will only further the infliction of abuse, by greed, upon the psyche of the working person, worldwide, and will result in a conflict of incalculable proportion.


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