Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Social Security Crisis Myth

Much of what is said and portrayed in the right-wing media these days is the crisis that the Social Security fund is in. Predictions made in the late 1990's were far exceeded and the fund grew. And the future predictions, albeit conservative, show a stable fund for, at least, the next 50 years.
So, what is the problem?? The Bush tax cut swindle is the problem. Rolling back this scam legislation would mean the Social Security fund would be healthy and viable indefinitely.
Don't listen to the spin from the right...for they know not what they are saying. All the regime is looking at is, another fund that can be raided like a cookie jar.

What Social Security 'Crisis'?

by Robert Kuttner

President Bush's entire plan for Social Security privatization rests on the premise that the system is in severe crisis. But a careful look at the numbers suggests that the financial crisis is largely a myth. More>>>


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