Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hypocrisy: The Ideal of the Right

Most people understand the concept of hypocrisy but, fail to identify it when defending an agenda that they believe to be important to them. Concentrating on the right-wing conservative types will expose us to an enormous view of how hypocrisy is ignored to defend failure, deceit and myth.


Deciding where to start on the failures of the right-wing agenda is, probably, the most difficult aspect in the information gathering process. Volumes can be written about the how, why, what, when and where of these failures. It is clear to most that, the right-wing playbook is an excellent source of information that clearly leads the reader down the road of what must be done to avoid failure. At the same time one does a search it is found that, in their desperation to defend failed ideals, the conservative noise machine continuously post the same rhetoric, some years old, in order to maintain a semblance of confidence in their belief structure.
The republican party has talking points and small blurbs that spew forth fiscal discipline, government down-sizing and moral values. Let us address each of these continuing failures.
Today, we are facing an appointed resident of the White House who, endears the failed policies of Reaganomincs. Reaganomics was nothing more than a tax-cut for the rich that was lauded as a trickle-down, supply side phenomena. It didn't work. Reagan won the presidency after the Carter presidency which left the US with a $74 billion dollar deficit. Reagan ran on the promise of cutting the deficit, lowering taxes and increasing employment. He did none of that, of course, but he did raise to deficit to over $200 billion, lowered taxes on the rich while cutting programs and increasing financial burden on the poor and middle class.
We can easily compare Reaganomics of the 1980's with the fiscal train wreck that is happening today. The forces of the right continue to attack working families and unions, social programs for the needy, Social Security and a myriad of other institutions that made America what it is today. The fiscal failure derives itself from the burden placed on the poor and middle class, increases in corporate welfare and the annihilation of Constitutional protections. Essentially, supply-side, trickle-down economics are, in fact, a failure.


The republicans hail the down-sizing of government as on of their strong points. Every single republican president since, and including, Herbert Hoover has increased the size of government in spending, scope and power. Not only did they all increase the size of government they all de-valued the dollar, most increased taxes and some even started domestic programs that are labeled by the mis-informed right-wing as liberal social programs.
Whenever one hears a republican tout the 'less government' mantra it is known by political junkies to be a false and hollow statement. The republican party is a party of big government, plunder and sellouts.
Reagan, in whatever glory one can find, raised payroll taxes significantly and increased government under the disguise of military spending. Bush I and II did and are doing the same.
The simple hypocrisy of the reduction in the size of government is plain to see. It is reneged on, post-election/selection, in all cases of republican victory and/or appointment.


Volumes could be written on the hypocrisy surrounding moral values and the conservative, republican right-winger. It is not difficult to find the hypocrisy of the right but, it is more difficult to find morals that even exist.
One of the most disturbing and least difficult issues to locate is the absence of sexual morals in the republican party. While maintaining a pro-life stance the republicans are in society destroying lives psychologically. Pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality are extremely common in the republican party and the right-wing. The attack on homosexuals, while practicing it, is an extremely immoral behavior that defines the right-wing hypocrisy very well.
Then, of course, there is their pseudo pro-life stance. Hypocrites will shout pro-life all day while killing people in foreign lands, executing prisoners in state prisons and, possibly, murdering rape victims. We must also remember that war in all the chickenhawk glory is, in a sense, full birth abortion.
The morals of religious leaders are a scary prospect as well. In every sect of Christianity there is a cult-like atmosphere that renders the term moral; destitute. The current political atmosphere, as presented by the right-wing, is far from the teachings of actual Christianity but, a fabled version that is appeasing to their masses.

In summary, the right-wing in America is a corrupt force of amoral, deceitful and prevaricating idealogues that have no interest in populations as a whole but, single out small sects of a society that they view as beneficial to whatever agenda they put forth. Historically, the republican party has failed at all economic policies they have instituted, dramatically increased the size of the US government and fail miserably on the moral landscape. The continued ownership of the mainstream media and the censorship that is utilized by the right-wing is a hindrance to the left but, not an impossible obstacle.

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At 2/27/2005 3:04 PM , Blogger halcyon67 said...

This does apply to the government and moral values, but in general the whole ideology that is conservatism is a farce in itself.

For example: According to true conservatives there is no such thing as moderates, they are de facto liberals. But that does not explain neo-cons, and paleocons. They may still be conservatives, but they are branches of conservatives, therefore being moderates.

Also the platform of "Compassionate Conservatism." Ask a conservative how compassionate conservatism works, they will be unable to answer. What I don't understand is how conservatives can call themselves compassionate when compassion is everything that conservatives hate about liberals. If you do ask them this and they dare to respond, they will list acts of "good-doing" and if you question it they will say that you are denying them their right of compassion.

Last one, conservatives enjoy small government. A small federal government that is, but in reality they want with this small federal government they want to make the state governments more powerful since state governments wield more control.

Makes sense.

They are hypocritical. Oh so hypocritical. And they have the audacity to say the things about us that they do. What a bunch of assholes. There is no other name for it.

At 2/28/2005 5:39 AM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

Geez, slow week for news?


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