Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Getting Duped in Chimp Land

Promises mean nothing to the chimp boy. Even when he promisies a huge campaign donor an ambassadorship.
I feel no pity for this fool. Anyone who supports the idiot chimp boy gets what they derserve.
Actually, it's hilarious!!


By SHARON THEIMER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - A big Republican donor goes to his governor and senator, saying he was told by President Bush's chief fund-raiser he'd be getting a plum ambassadorial appointment but it wasn't delivered. The senator takes his case right to the top of the White House.

Nothing happens for two years.

The donor then helps stage a fund-raiser for Bush. A week later, the donor lands an appointment as the chairman of the federal board overseeing billions of dollars of student loans.

The aggressive job campaign of businessman Duane Acklie — detailed in the Nebraska gubernatorial files of new Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns — provides a rare window into donors, their access and their rewards.

And there's a twist.


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