Saturday, February 26, 2005

Miners arrested near Massey plant

More of the story on Massey energy...the corporation that used the Federal Bankruptcy courts to steal 5,000 people's retirement and healthcare.

UMW protests loss of pensions, health care and union jobs

By Paul J. Nyden
Staff writer

Ten United Mine Workers members, including UMW President Cecil Roberts, were arrested Thursday after a peaceful sit-in across U.S. 60, near a Massey Energy cleaning plant in Smithers.

Another 200 miners and supporters lined both sides of the road as the 10 men sat in the cold rain near an entrance to the old Cannelton Coal cleaning plant on the Kanawha River.

When the 10 moved onto the main road, dozens of other protestors stood near them for nearly 40 minutes until Kanawha County sheriff’s deputies arrived to arrest them. More>>>

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For more on Massey head over to ResistOppression where it is all Labor news on a daily basis!!

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