Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Chimp's Global War on Women's Rights

Conservatism is the antithesis of Democracy and through deceit, hammers away at the foundation and goals of Democracy. One more example of the rationalization of irrationality.

It Will Take All Our Energy To Stand Still
Bush's America is Waging a Global Battle Against Women's Rights
by Mary-Ann Stephenson

For all George Bush's courting of Europe, when it comes to women's reproductive rights he is closer to Iran and Syria than the EU. In 1995, representatives from 189 countries met in Beijing and agreed a major program on women's equality and human rights - the Beijing platform for action. This statement was ambitious, and the UN commission on the status of women is currently meeting in New York to review its progress over the past decade.

The meeting was to publish a statement reaffirming international support for the platform for action. But the US has refused to support it unless it is amended to say that the platform does not create any new human rights or the right to abortion. More>>>


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