Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Even the Foreign Guy Gets it.

I read this entry on my favorite message board about a Russian immigrant and how he sees the impending doom in America. The story is posted on a great blog called, Life in Bush's America. Stop by and see what else Marq has posted there.

Even the Foreign Guy Gets it.

A co worker of mine just left my office. He is the kind of guy that often will tell you stories of things past. Sometimes at very inopportune times, but stories none the less. He is also from Russia. Speaks with a heavy Russian accent, and is named Yuri.

So, he is in my office, and he says to me, “You know Marq, I am scared at what is the goings on right now”. So I probe.

He tells me that back home, before the fall of communism, everything seemed fine, and then one day, there was something in the air just not right, and soon it was all over.

Now, from our perspective, that was good, but not from his. He continued. 2 Days later he lost his job, the banks told him that his money was gone, and the services were gone. I have learned from him in the past conversations with him, that we were feed a lot of BS about Russia as a whole, as they were about us. He has told me that regardless of what we were taught, the average Russian was doing fine, not great, but fine.

He said a few days before the fall, his mother was cooking bread, she was wrapping it up tight, and putting it away. She told him, that her mother (His Grandmother) almost starved to death during WWII, and she was not going to let that happen to her family. After the fall, they ate bread for 2 months…

So back to my point, he said to me, “I smell in the air here what I smelt there, and I am scared. Bush is leading us to a fall”, I am stunned… then he says this to me, “I called my mom on Sunday, and asked her what she was doing, she lives in Florida, she told me she was making bread…”

Damn it was chilling…

He is a very smart man, he also is a VERY proud American, and he more than anyone I know, knows the feeling of a nation collapsing around you…


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