Thursday, March 17, 2005

VENEZUELA: Bush's next oil war?

We knew Venezuela was in the sights of the Bush Terrorist Regime and it looks as if they know it. Hang on Venezueleans, maybe the world's terrorist, little Bushitler will be raptured soon. We are hoping.

VENEZUELA: Bush's next oil war?

Stuart Munckton

A statement released on March 8 and signed by almost 400 Venezuelan journalists accused the US government and media of a campaign to prepare the ground for a US military attack on oil-rich Venezuela.

According to translation of the statement posted at the Venezuela Analysis website, it begins by declaring: “As it was done in the past to Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Grenada, and Haiti, the government of the United States today targets the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with all its media and propaganda power. In those brother nations, such campaigns served as the preamble for an armed invasion by the main global military power.”

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At 3/19/2005 12:11 PM , Blogger Kenny said...

Wasn't United Fruit a Bush company? I think these folks have had their filthy paws all over South America for a long time.


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