Saturday, April 30, 2005

Loyalists and the First Point of Fascism: Nationalism

During the American Revolution of the late 1700's America was divided into three equal and distinct groups. About one third were the Loyalists who, by definition, supported King George III of England. Although the division today may not be equally divided three ways, we can, view the followers of the occupiers of the American government we have today as Loyalists.

Loyalists will support and follow their King to the ends of the earth. They support the corruption, costs and loss of freedoms that come with their King. In the days of old the Loyalists tended to be involved in trade and professional occupations and held large amounts of real estate assests. The Loyalists strength tended to be in the southern states, i.e., the Carolinas and Georgia. Today, though, these attributes encompass a wider area but, the deep divisions of long ago persist today.

For this article (and the 13 subsequent articles on fascism) the term Loyalist will refer to the blind followers and supporters of the appointed (I will continue to use the term appointed as there remains issues about the 2000 and 2004 elections that are unresolved concerning the presidency) tyrant name George W. Bush. Loyalists were the redcoats in 1770's. Today, they are, as in the 1770's, traitors, loyal to failed policy and supportive of the dismantling of American foundations.

Loyalists, usually republicans and conservatives, are nationalistic in that, they tend to use patriotic terms and slogans that are antonymous to their intentions. For example, The Patriot Act has an antonymous meaning to it's actual effect on society. It's effects are loyalist in nature and unpatriotic relative to American history.

Terms such as liberty and freedom are used ad nauseum to put forth an appearance of positive thought but, while covering corruption and untruths. For example, the slogan, "democracy is on the march" is used to justify democide and occupation of sovereign nations while, having nothing to do with democracy. If people around the world view the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan as democratic then, democracy will fail. Democracy is not on the march but, imperialism is.

Many right-wing sites and titles exploit the term 'patriot' to apply some sort of worth to their failed cause and ideologue. Patriots are modern day rebels associated with the resistance to the occupation of America by appointed tyrants and the imperialistic assault on nations of the world. In no way can the term patriot be associated with the republican or conservative ideals that have, and continue, to assault American and world values, murder scores of people, use militaries to further corporate interests and dismantle historical American foundations.

The word 'patriot', in no way, is symbiotic with the loyalist and nationalistic terrorists occupying America today.


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