Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ganja and the KGB

A refreshing look at the war on weed.....and why it is a lost cause.
Nothing wrong with the herb in my opinion. Back in the days of old it was a fun thing to do. No car wrecks, didn't hold up any banks and I didn't mug anyone. And a lid was only $10 back then, too...

CU students weigh in on pot penalties

By Rocky Mountain News
April 20, 2005

BOULDER - University of Colorado students have overwhelmingly passed a referendum aimed at making penalties for students caught with marijuana no worse than those for students caught with alcohol.

In all, 3,926 students voted in favor of the measure in polling last week, and 1,866 voted against it. The referendum also asked university officials to conduct a study determining whether such a change could lead to fewer alcohol-related problems, such as sexual assaults.

While students age 21 and over can legally drink alcohol, they can face campus sanctions if caught smoking marijuana.

In 2004, CU police made 126 arrests related to driving under the influence of alcohol and another 304 arrests or citations for other alcohol infractions, mostly involving underage drinking, Lt. Tim McGraw said.

During the same year, police issued 42 tickets for marijuana possession, McGraw said.

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At 4/20/2005 10:34 AM , Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

The war on drugs is a failure, allow people to do with their bodies what they want to do, as long as they harm no one but themselves it is not a matter for the state.

At 4/20/2005 2:28 PM , Blogger ProgressivePatriot said...

Very true Blue....I think once we stop the current period of regression in the country, progressive ideas will once again flourish.

At 4/20/2005 2:32 PM , Blogger Roger-Dodger said...

just a comment ..enjoyed your blog..

At 4/22/2005 6:49 AM , Blogger ProgressivePatriot said...

Thanks Roger's World!!


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