Thursday, September 16, 2004

Schwarzenegger for President?

Once again the scum on the right republicans show their disdain for our Constitution. First, we have a worthless piece of scum named Marilyn Musgrave who, has proposed a federal marriage amendment. Essentially, all she advocates is the amending of the Constitution to include hate and discrimination with this worthless and waste of time proposal. Happily, being from my district in Colorado, her support from farmers has dwindled and it looks as if her days are numbered.
Now, we have another piece of scum, breaking off the bottom of the fish bowl, named Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who wants to amend the Constitution to allow foreign citizens a shot at the Presidency. Yet, another stupid idea from stupid bottom feeders called republicans.
These ilk on the right need to be shoved out, permanently. Right now, we need to keep the issues of the right on the forefront and demonstrate the disrespect they have for the Constitution.
One of the reasons the republicans despise the Constitution, is that, they didn't defend it! I guess to be a republican politician one must look for a way out of serving in the Armed Forces using feeble excuses.
Hey republican.....leave my country's Constitution alone!!


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