Friday, September 10, 2004

Iraqi Workers Resist Republican Ideals

I found this article, while doing some corporate research (I am a volunteer union organizer), that depicted what I envision in a Bush Regime's America. The Iraqis, being worked to death for little pay and no benefits, detest the Bush republican scheme of privitization of companies and find that Bush has something in common with Saddam. Bush and Saddam both hate unionized workers.
So what do these workers do??? They walk off the job, demand a raise, the employer tells them where to shove it so, these workers go home, get their AK-47's and form an armed picket line. They get a twenty-five cent a day raise. The Bush Regime, however, enforces this 'law' by arresting workers and categorizing them as prisoners of war.
This is a flip-flop by Bush who had said earlier that he didn't have a problem with workers being union and even supported the right to organize in Cuba.
Bush wouldn't and couldn't ever understand the necessity of unions. He has never worked for a 'low-wage republican employer'. He's a mammas boy who has never had a real job in his life. He has never, in his life, succeeded at anything on his own. He is still sucking the hind tit of the fraud that his great-grandfather and grandfather perpetrated on America by funding and becoming wealthy on the Nazi war machine.
If the Bush Regime continues to violate the rights of working American, he is going to see a rebellion like no other. The republican party, the anti-family/worker party, cannot and will not survive the backlash of those who rely on the wages, benefits and working conditions that are negotiated through a collective bargaining process, a process, that is the right of every working American.


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