Monday, September 13, 2004

Bush Desertion Records Continue to Grow

We knew Bush was a deserter and coward but, not until today were we made more aware of just how wide that yellow stripe on his back was.
US News and World Report, a conservative rag, dug up some more info on the coward-in-chief and it shows his desertion is even larger than originally thought.
We should not allow spineless republicans to run wars unless they have time under fire...wait....that means we wouldn't have wars for corporate America!!! Better run with this one!!


At 9/14/2004 6:55 AM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

Umm...Mr. Liberal Patriot Guy, open your eyes on this one it's disintegrating all around you..Remember? FACTS not wishes...See for yourself:

At 9/14/2004 7:03 AM , Blogger ProgressivePatriot said...

Ummm...Mr. Moron,
Cite credible sources....the drudge report don't cut it.
And..the WP article is a day late....catch up!!

At 9/14/2004 8:36 AM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

Ok, I admit I threw the Drudge one in just to set you off...

At 9/15/2004 12:30 PM , Blogger ProgressivePatriot said...

See how you are!!

At 9/23/2004 11:32 AM , Blogger Michael Moore-on said...

Umm, I think even YOU have to admit, this one blew up in your face.


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