Monday, September 13, 2004

Republican Terrorists Hunt Liberal Educators

Colorado, ranking way down the page economically thanks to the right-wing fools, has it's liberal, free-thinking professors under attack by the fascist republicans. Mr. Bill, our aldulterous governor, and his favorite right-wing idiot, John Andrews, are among a list of reich-wing terrorists looking to load public educational institutions with conservative, neo-conservative wackos.
Makes one want to think about utilizing the broken promise by the village idiot, Bush, and exercise your right under the Second Amendment. But, a reason we need not worry....who has ever heard of a conservative intellectual? Why would these fools want to lower the bar and quality of education by packing it with low or mediocre intellect with a conservative slant?

Check it out...a lot to read and it shows the extent of desperation by a failing ideologue.


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