Friday, September 10, 2004

Vote for Bush or Die

The Bush terrorists are at it, again. It was found that 80% of seniors favored the importation of cheaper drugs from countries that negotiated lower prices. But, being the corporate kiss-ass like all of the pond-scum in the republican party, it looks as if Bush called for a terror warning about none other than, poison-laced prescription drugs.
It is clear to the free-thinking folks that the sheeple of the right are so blind and mentally scrubbed that, we may need to use the idea of Michelle Malkin, another bottom-feeder from the right, and put these people in interrnment camps for a thorough mental reprogramming. At least, get them back to reality and teach them how to think for themselves. I pointed you to Malkin's rant about being made a fool of on the Chris Matthews show, Hardball.
I don't know if that would be possible but, we should give it a try.....we can't have these idiots walking around for too long.....brings down our standards and lowers our property values.....ever tried to sell a house after the right-wing wackos burned a cross in the front yard?? Neither have I and I don't want to find out, either.

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