Friday, December 17, 2004

Skidmore, Missouri: A Witches Haven??

Sad and sickening news from Skidmore, Missouri. A 23 year-old woman has an 8 month-old fetus cut from her womb after being strangled.
Skidmore is a little bodunk town that has seen more than it's share of cruelty. In one instance, the townspeople gather together and murder a town bully, run his family out of town and burn his house down. A movie was made called, "In Broad Daylight" and author Harry MacLean wrote a book by the same name.
Yet, in another tragedy, a 20 year-old man goes missing, and has not been seen since.
In such a small town one has to wonder if a town like Skidmore, which was portrayed as extremely religious, has more than just christian wackos running around. Could there be a counter force of witches and warlocks present to fend off the asinine religious views of such a corrupt little town??
We can only wonder what incident will next bring Skidmore back into the limelight. I shudder at the thought of what it will be.


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