Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The GOP Flip-Flops Again.

In November the GOP Ethics Committee entertained the idea of changing ethics rules to keep Tom DeLay, a top member of the Bush Crime Family, in his position, even if, he was indicted by a Texas grand jury.
So, they made a rule and allowed the criminal, DeLay to maintain his position as Majority Leader. What the hell?? They are all crooks anyway so, why not make the rule?
Last night, though, they decided to reinstate the rule. The offer was given by DeLay as a way to keep the democrats off guard, probably, and to get the spotlight off of himself.
So, the designers of flip-flops have, once again, flip-flopped on themselves.

House GOP Reverses Course on Ethics Rules

House GOP Reverses Course on Ethics Rules, Retaining Tough Standards and Reinstating Party Rule
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON Jan 3, 2005 — House Republicans suddenly reversed course Monday, deciding to retain a tough standard for lawmaker discipline and reinstate a rule that would force Majority Leader Tom DeLay to step aside if indicted by a Texas grand jury. More>>>


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