Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Schiavo Battle is Diversionary for GOP Terrorists

I first need to address my stance on this issue. If Terri Schiavo is to be euthanized then, do not starve her to death for chrissakes. Utilize an injection to make it as quick as possible in case, she does feel pain. That being said other issues about war, finance and further degradation of America are taking place at the hands of America's terrorist regime out of sight of the American people.

The Schiavo debacle is a sad issue but, we must maintain our vigilance and awareness with respect to the criminal regime. First, an undeclared arms race is at hand and a recent Pentagon document outlines the neo-con terrorist's plan of action. Americans must inform our friends around the world of the impending terrorist activities by America's regime and gain their help, support and resistance to these impending atrocities. For example, Japan was recently asked to lift the ban on American beef that was put in place because of the mad cow disease. We need the Japanese to continue their boycott as it helps contribute further to the economic disaster that the regime has elicited on America. This may sound extreme but, we must contribute to the regime's demise or, in other words I will use a quote from the film, Full Metal Jacket, "It's a huge shit sandwich and we are all gonna have to take a bite."

Now, we all must not forget another important issue. The issue of corruption and Tom Delay. Delay's probable illegal campaign contributions and corporate unaccountibility must not ever rest. It is crucial that the corruption of corporate-backed criminals continually be exposed as well as, the republican party's assistance in covering it up. Rest assured that Delay will not give up the Schiavo keeps the eye off him.

There were massive protests all around the world to day against America's terror regime. America's mainstream media claims only a few thousand protestors were in the streets of America. Britain, Europe and South America all had massive protests also.

More attacks on US soldiers took place today. This is something the mainstream media could care less about reporting on. This relates to the hypocrisy of America's criminal regime...soldiers are far less important than a woman in a vegetative state to these despicable people, not that Terri Schiavo is unimportant.

It is of utmost importance that we keep our eyes on the ball, so-to-speak, so that the criminals of the right-wing, the world's terrorists always feel the piercing gazes of real Americans and their friends around the world.


At 3/22/2005 5:29 PM , Blogger Greencolander said...

I'm not sure if the same holds true in America, but last fall when a friend was left in an irreversible vegetative state in Canada, the doctors gave her morphine when they removed her feeding tube. She did not feel any pain or discomfort. She passed away five days after the feeding tube was removed. FYI.


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