Friday, April 15, 2005

Privacy, Cowardice and Quacks: Conservative Ideals

It seems the chimp feels his privacy is of more concern than anyone else's. Being the most hated and hopefully, hunted man in the world, his privacy is of no concern to those affected by his corrupt actions. Is his call for privacy a sign of cowardice?? I would say so. I would hope that the thoughts he is having of how many and where the crosshairs of retribution are aimed on his body makes him sleepless every single night. He deserves it and, hopefully, it will afflict the remainder of his life.

In another statement, the chimpman speaks out against pre-packaged news. The Senate voted that taxpayer funds could not be used to create the right-wing fiction broadcast on American mainstream media. The republicans are going to bitch about this as, it will raise their propaganda expenses enormously. So, be aware of other right-wing scams hidden in House Bills to be issued to help subsidize the further dumbing down of conservative religious whakcos.

Another amusing put-on by the chimpman was his feigning surprise at the passport requirement for American's re-entering the US from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Does he really believe people are going to buy his act?? Hey's your criminal enterprise and you best be getting a handle on it. There are spooks in your regime that may want you out of the way (a person can hope, right??).

The filibuster is again being pushed by America's top quack, that phoney so-called doctor from Tennessee, Bill Frist. Nothing about America's heritage is sacred to these idiots called republicans. Frist is receiving help from Ed Gillespie, another inbred from the republican party, to spew forth propaganda talking points and other bullshit common to the right-wing as well as, speeches and sales pitches, probably, similar to the chimpman's failed attempt at Social Security scams.

We haven't forgot about Tom Delay either.....some of us enjoy watching pigs like Delay wallow in the shit. And the shit is only getting deeper for Delay. Where will the hanging occur??


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