Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lower than Low: The Depths of Republiscum Honor

In any civilization we have the most disgusting and vile types of people commonly referred to as "bottom-feeders". Conservatives and republiscum are bottom-feeders of a degree never before attained in the written history of man. These bottomfeeders have reached the lowest of low and now, are occupying space under whale shit.

Anyone who supports or agrees with any of the the bush crime family's terrorist activities is a traitor to America and should be immediately put out of our misery.

Let's mention a few atrocities here.

We have the Iraq occupation.
We have the Downing Street Memo.
We have the Valerie Plame outing by Cheney and Rove.
The hidden and covered up abuse photos of women and children including rape and sodomy, in Iraq.
We have the Enabling Act of 2005.
We have the Patriot Act.
We have No Child Left Behind.
We have the Eminent Domain ruling.
We have an idiot named Roberts.
We have CAFTA.

The list could go on but, too many issues of importance require the concentration of dissent. These people are anti-American to the core. They deserve no respect and will continue to bear the assaults of my dissention.

Indictment, prosecution and execution is the answer to this problem. Then the world will see we mean business.

End the occupation of America now!!


At 7/23/2005 8:51 AM , Blogger halcyon67 said...

Wow, now the Republicans can claim the destruction and occupation of three countries now! Roberts...hmm....

I wonder what country will be next? Iran? China? North Korea? Botswana? Venezuela?


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