Sunday, January 09, 2005

Newt in '08

With all the talk of morals and values by republicans it seems, and is, hypocritical that one of the sleaziest of the republicans would flirt with the idea of a presidential run. You have probably heard already but, it is Newt Gingrich.

Like his name implies, he is a little repitilian creature with no morals and and, at one time, tried to solidify the definition of christian adultery while supporting the impeachment of a sitting President. Campaign staffers, girlfriends and ex-wives have all came forward with a myriad of charges concerning the morals and values of this little insignificant worm. He would be a good candidate for the republicans in 2008, though, he defines the republicans to a tee. For example: Gingrich dodged military service using school and family deferments which, is the highlight of almost all republican politicians. In other words, don't practice what you preach.

On family values he is not the 'compassionate conservative', a term that is abused with utter hypocrisy by the republicans. While his wife, Jackie, was recovering from cancer surgery she had to sue Gingrich, in order, to keep the utilities from being shut off. All this, of course, after pressing her for details of their impending divorce while she lay in a hospital bed recovering from surgery.

Yes, Newt would be a wonderful candidate for the republicans. He defines them well. He is an absolute chickenhawk, an expert in military affairs without all that bothersome experience. He has morals, morals such as, get as much as you can from anyone you can but, she has to meet certain aesthetic criteria, in order, to be a President's wife. And one of the values he possesses that is the most amusing is: He can smoke reefer but, he will support legislation to put us in jail.

You gotta love those conservative republican values. (cough, cough)

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At 1/09/2005 3:57 PM , Blogger Amy said...

Yes Newt is less than human and gets a 1 finger salute from me. "UP YOURS NEWT YOU BLOWHARD!"Amy


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