Friday, February 11, 2005

Jury Duty or Public Humiliation?

States are coming up with all kinds of creative ways to force people to serve on juries. I read this story and it reminded me of a time when I figured out how to avoid it altogether.
I was called to jury duty while working on a big government project and I didn't feel like serving on a jury that was going to pay me for the day what I was making in an hour. So, during the little interrogation they put you through I told the lawyers not guilty...that is how I am matter what. The judge and the lawyers raised a fit saying I didn't even know what the case was about. I told them not guilty was how I am negotiation.
I was dismissed.
Now, it seems judges can humiliate people who don't show up. What a shame. I say if that is they way they want to play then, everyone should inform the courts they are voting not guilty. How much humility is there for not being able to seat a jury?



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